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Ethnic Relations Commission
66 Peter Rose & Anira Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. +592-231-6479, 231-6473,
231-6281, 231-6265
Fax: +592-231-6246

The ERC shall comprise between 5 and 15 members. The National Assembly, by a two thirds majority determined the entities that may nominate representatives.

Nominees are chosen from religous bodies, the labour movement, the private sector, youth and women's organisations. The Commission is currently composed of:

Bishop Juan A. Edghill
Minister of Religion
(Representative from the Christian Religion)

Pastor Roy K. Thakurdyal - Substitute
(Representative from the Christian Religion)

Mr. Shahabudeen Mc Doom
(Representative from the Muslim Religion)

Mr. Shaffeek Khan - Substitute
Retired Public Officer
(Representative from the Muslim Religion)

Pandit Ramkissoon Maharaj
(Representative from the Hindu Religion)

Mr. Radha K. Sharma - Substitute
Chief Executive Officer/Banker
(Representative from the Hindu Religion)

Mr. L. John P. Willems A.A - Substitute
Forest Products Association
(Representative from the Private Sector Organisation)

Ms Cheryl Sampson
Administrative Manager
Guyana In- Service Distance Education Project
(Representative from the Women's Organisation)

Dr. Frank C. S. Anthony,
Chairman, National Youth Commission
(Representative from the Youth Organisation)

Dr. Rajendra Singh - Substitute
Government Medical Officer
(Representative from the Youth Organisation)

Mr. Andrew Garnett
President, Guyana Trade Union Congress
(Representative from the Trade Union Congress)

Mr. Carvil Duncan - Substitute
General Secretary, Guyana Labour Union
Vice President, Trade Union Congress
(Representative from the Trade Union Congress

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