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No 85 (30%)
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Total votes: 280
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Ethnic Relations Commission
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Debating Competition
June 11 2007 Bygeval, New Amsterdam Multilateral secure places in ERC debate semi-finals
July 09 2007 NAM defeats President’s College in ERC debating finals
May 07 2007 Covent Garden Secondary, President’s College, and New Silver City Secondary moves on in ERC debating competition
Mar 19 2007 IBE defeats CIBBS in ERC debating competition
Mar 09 2007 President’s College defeats St. Stanislaus College in ERC’s First Debating Competition
Mar 02 2007 ERC’s first Debating Competition for 2007
Poster and Essay Competition
Sept 08, 2006 Winners identified in ERC National Poster and Essay competitions


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