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August 5, 2009

ERC concludes Constituency Meetings

Chairman, ERC Bishop Juan Edghill flanked by Commissioners Carvil Duncan and John Willems respectively while making a point to the representatives of the Christian Constituency during a meeting.

The Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) on Monday, August 3, 2009 commenced a series of meetings with members of the Hindu, Muslim and Christian Constituencies as well as with representatives of Women, Labour, Private Sector, Youth and Civil Society. The meetings were chaired by ERC Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill while Commissioners Carvil Duncan and John Willems made remarks.  

The aims of the meetings as explained by the ERC Chairman were to get feedback from the stakeholders on the work of the Commission, to inform them of the current projects the ERC is undertaking and to listen to their concerns and see how best the ERC can assist in resolving these.

The meetings which were conducted within a three-day period (August 3 -5, 2009) were all successful and have brought the Commission up-to-date on issues of national importance which will be incorporated into its promoting harmony and good relations programmes.

The first meeting was held with thirteen representatives of the Hindu community, nine representatives from the Muslim community and 12 women representatives while 20 persons participated in the Christian Constituency meeting, 12 persons from youth organisations, 10 representatives of Labour organisations, nine representatives of the Private Sector and 15 representatives of Civil Society.

During the interactions several issues affecting the various groups were discussed and recommendations were made on how to resolve these issues. These were recorded by the Commission and will be put into action.

It should be noted that members of the Private Sector and Civil Society representatives have whole heartedly endorsed the ERC’s Neighbourhood Conferences and has pledged their support and dedication to its effective implementation of this project.


The Ethnic Relations Commission is a Constitutional, non-political body established by Constitution Amendment (No. 2) Act 11 of 2000, which amends article 212 D of the Constitution to provide for the establishment  of an Ethnic Relations Commission.

Its functions which are set out in Article 212 D of the Constitution are all embracing and divided in twenty four (24) categories which can be further grouped as; Conflict Resolution, Education and Public Awareness and Research and Development Strategies.


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